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Our Nation has decided its future direction

Fellow Patriots,
It has been an emotional, exhausting election season for all of us. We have been placed in difficult and contentious positions with family, friends and co-workers for our political activism in support of our liberty & freedom patriot candidates. We have done this because we care about our communities, our state, and love of country. We wish to see America return to prominence, our communities thrive and our children prosper. We are American Patriots, we hold our values true, and we fight for them with caring in our hearts.
We will see a new direction for America. It may or may not be the one we have worked for, but it will be a compromise of what we have hoped for. For those candidates that were successful in their races and election, we congratulate you and we will continue to support you as our fight has now just begun to preserve our Constitutional Rights.
With the outcome of this election cycle, we may witness civil unrest and an uncertain peaceful transfer of power.  Know your neighbor, your community and keep each other safe as our nation finds it's pathway forward. Be prepared for any eventuality that may occur. We pray for peace, as we know far too well what the other looks like, which would be devastating to our way of life.
Know in your hearts you did well, hold your head high with honor for the work you have done. It is a blessing to have Patriots such as yourselves willing to reach out, get involved and make a difference. We are privileged to live in the greatest nation in the world that protects our rights, freedom and liberties to pursue our individual happiness as we choose. The preservation of our Constitutional Republic is because of your commitment. May God bless you, your families and the United States of America.
Preserve the Republic!
Liberty Watch of Josephine County

Oath Keepers of Josephine County has transitioned into Liberty Watch of Josephine County.

The reason for this is our membership found our philosophy was separating from the Oath Keepers national organization.

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What is Liberty Watch of Josephine County?

We are patriots, we believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States, and we believe in the rule of law. We will help our members and neighbors who have suffered due to a natural or man-made disaster or other hardships. These are LWJoCo’s guiding principles.

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Morning Report: | Nov 21, 2016       The Pentagon recently released detailed guidance that allows U.S. military personnel to carry privately owned, concealed firearms on base  For more details click  The link will take you out of Click the Return button on your browser to return to


The Baskin-Robbins US Flag Raising Ceremony was on November 12 from Noon to 2 PM:

A flag raising ceremony to dedicate a new 154-foot-tall flagpole and 60 by 40 foot American flag in honor of American Veterans was held at Baskin-Robbins in Grants Pass. Dan and Patti Kirkman organized a fund-raising effort to purchase the flag and flagpole and had it installed at their Baskin-Robbins property. The list of sponsors is too long to print here, but a plaque at the base of the flagpole records their generosity. Another plaque quotes a speech by President Reagan to Veterans. A joyful crowd of several hundred people including Veterans, their families and friends, and patriots from Liberty Watch, other groups and individuals attended the ceremony. Mr. Carl Wilson began the ceremony by leading the crowd in making the Pledge of Allegiance. Patriotic songs and music was provided by the Grants Pass High School Marching Band, the Rogue Singers, and the crowd joined Jessica Daggett in singing the national anthem. Following the flag raising a free lunch was provided to all. Liberty Watch volunteers also provided over-night security for the equipment brought on-site the night before the ceremony.


Our new LWJoCo website:

Our website is currently going through a construction phase. We have plans for improvements. Members and guests are invited to make suggestions or ask questions about the website.

The About tab includes a Liberty Library and a Links page.

The Calendar tab lists the location, date, and time of our Meetings, plus information about guest speakers or other meeting details.

The Contact Us tab provides a means for members, guests, or people interested in joining LWJoCo, to send private messages to LWJoCo’s leadership. We will respect your privacy and not share your information with third parties.


Liberty Watch volunteers constructed another home access ramp in October, 2016:

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